Meetup is a social network that facilitates offline group meetings in various localities around the world. It allows members to find and join groups unified by a common interest, such as politics, books, games, movies, health, pets, careers or hobbies. We met with Meetup originally to redesign the logo. During the initial discussions it became clear rather quickly that a simple logo change would not answer the difficulties that lay ahead: While we did look at the main visual signifier, the real challenge was to come up with a system that would allow a viewer to navigate the myriad of different possibilities in finding ones own community on a small screen efficiently and delightfully. We suggested a system that allows categories and subcategories to be navigated quickly, partly with the help of a limited number of symbolic colorful photography, partly by a large number of duotone based back-ground images that can be easily generated. We also suggested a whole slew of icons, illustrations and animations, inspired by the concept of swarming.

Disciplines: Branding, Digital, Print

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Creative / Art Direction: Jessica Walsh & Stefan Sagmeister
Lead Design: Jessica Walsh, Felipe Rocha
Designers: Simón Sepúlveda, Tyler Comrie, Lucien Ng, Fumi Omori, Yu Chen
Animation: Daniel Rodrigues, Fumi Omori
Photography: Henry Hargreaves, Daniel Forero, Áron Filkey
Make up: Anastasia Durasova
Retouching: Lutz & Schmidt
Photoshoot production : Ben Nabors, Molly Brunk
Illustration generator development: Mr Henry
Paper artist: Matthew Sporzynski
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