The word image is the playful conceptual precursor to the word mark, the basic building block of corporate design. Ping Pong is a variety of word images: Vintage Herb Lubalin or Milton Glaser, works by Niklaus Troxler, Stefan Sagmeister or Uwe Loesch and beyond much of the work of design students. By what means and in what form created word pictures or word marks? The book shows that with typographic means - from the detail to the overall shape - a high to become chargeable on quality. The content determines the form, the form interprets the contents. Differentiation -. Perception and action, expression and aesthetics Ping Pong enthusiastic and fun - an inspiration for the creative design phase of a word mark, a typo logos - for designers, typographers and those who are in training to do so.

The book features Stefan's "Imaginary Day" cover for the Pat Metheny group where all the type has been replaced by code. The images connect to the songs and mood of the album and can be decoded by using the diagram printed onto the CD itself.