Appy Fizz

Appy Fizz

Appy Fizz is a sparkling apple juice drink available in India. Produced by Parlé Agro, the largest Indian food and beverage company (who also makes Frooti).

The new Appy Fizz identity visualizes carbonated bubbles through a dynamic graphic language of 3D spheres and circles. From the print campaign to the television commercial, this circular language using the red/white/black color palette unites the various mediums with a distinct look and feel. We worked with brand ambassador & Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra, for the TVC to create a film for Appy Fizz where Priyanka “sheds” the sweeter tone of the brands past for a strong, bold, sexier tone that will continue for future campaigns.

This project was featured all over India, specifically targeted in main markets like Mumbai and Delhi. Appy Fizz is advertised through a large television presence, outdoor campaigns, large-scale digital advertising and activation, print, and cinema advertising.

Disciplines: Advertising, Branding, Packaging, Print

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Creative / Art Direction: Jessica Walsh, Stefan Sagmeister
Lead Design: Jessica Walsh, Felipe Rocha
Designers: Daniel Brokstad, Fumi Omori, Liron Ashkenazi, Pol Solsona, Simón Sepúlveda, Zipeng Zhu
Animation: Daniel Brokstad, Esteban Diácono, Karan Singh, Pedro Veneziano, Zipeng Zhu
TVC: Vallée Duhamel
3d artists: Esteban Diácono, Pablo Alfieri, Pedro Veneziano
Photograph: Leda & St. Jacques
Retouching: Lutz + Schmitt
Website Development: Nicholas Pyle
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